ZAA accredited facilities make significant contributions to global conservation

Beyond NGO support, ZAA members are also heavily involved in reintroduction programs, and rescue and rehabilitation work. Some of the species our members work with include Eastern or mountain bongo, Attwater’s prairie chicken, Texas horned lizard, Anegada ground iguana, Kemps Ridley sea turtle, and San Joaquin kit fox.

Sadly, modern-day conservation of threatened or endangered species cannot simply be limited to protecting or reintroducing animals in their native ranges. For many, the “wild” is disappearing as humans encroach on their natural habitats. To ensure a species’ long-term survival, captive propagation of wildlife has become an essential part of the conversation and the only insulation against a potential collapse of wild populations. Our managed breeding program at ZAA is named the Animal Management Program (AMP). Through the ZAA AMP, our members are also involved with cheetah, Southern white rhinoceros, mandrill, Schmidt’s guenon, lowland tapir, African black-footed penguin, and siamang. Our AMP species management program is coordinated across the family of ZAA accredited members to ensure the greatest genetic variability.



ZAA accredited facilities contribute to many in situ conservation organzations

African Predator Conservation program
Asian Elephant Support Group
Barn Swallow Recovery
Boelen's python research
Cheetah Conservation Botswana
Cheetah Conservation Fund
Cheetah Outreach Trust
DeWildt Wildlife Trust
Eastern Bluebird Recovery Program
Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus program
Gibbon Conservation Centter
Giraffe Conservation Foundation
Gray Rat Snake Recovery
International Crane Foundation
International Elephant Foundation
International Rhino Foundation
International Veterinary Care
Island Fox program
Jane Goodall Institute
Lewa Foundation
Masked Bobwhite Quail Recovery Team
Mountain Lion Foundation
Painted Dog Conservation
Pan Africa Sanctuary Alliance
Proyecto Titi
San Joaquin Kit Fox recovery and treatment center
Sahara Conservation Fund
Small Cat Alliance
Tipton Kangaroo Rat behavioral breeding program
Tree Swallow Recovery
Waterfowl Propagation Program Nene Geese
WCS Mozambique cheetah project
Wildlife Alliance
Wood duck propagation program


Visit the Hall Family ZAA Conservation Fund to donate to in situ conservation projects